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Warrior Queen

Warrior Queen

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Artist: Paige Carey
Title: Warrior Queen
Year: 2024
Medium: Mixed Media (Wood, Glass, and Steel)

Warrior Queen is an evocative mixed-media sculpture by Paige Carey, which weaves together the natural warmth of wood with the stark realities of glass and steel. The central feature, a wooden mask, is intricately adorned with red and black patterns, exuding a serene yet powerful countenance reminiscent of regal authority. Surrounding the mask is a crown-like halo of barbed wire, radiating outward, signifying both sovereignty and the encumbrances faced by leadership. This piece confronts the viewer with the dualities of strength and vulnerability, freedom and confinement. Carey's 2024 creation delves into the resilience of cultural identity amidst societal challenges, encapsulating the defiant spirit of a Warrior Queen's enduring legacy against the backdrop of contemporary strife.

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